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Simply put, CAD outsourcing is using an outside agency to perform Computer Aided Drafting or Design services.


This has several benefits for the organization doing the outsourcing. Chief among these is the ability to accommodate shifts in the marketplace smoothly with little upfront investment. Outsourcing is a way to imbue your organization with nimble scalability as your requirements expand. Beyond flexibility and scale, outsourcing has other benefits worth discussing:

  • Turnkey outsourced CAD services and project management
  • Expand and contract your business with little or no overhead investment
  • Offer a broader portfolio of services by accessing offshore talent
  • Lower operating costs by leveraging outsourcing efficiencies and offshore arbitrage


Capacity – React Smoothly to Ebb & Flow

Capacity can be a limiting factor for your business. Experienced CAD operators are often difficult to find quickly. Outsourcing offers ready access to qualified personnel who can augment you staff with high-level Computer Aided Design expertise at affordable rates. In this way, project staffing and provisioning is passed on to a provider that is responsible for deliverables and artifacts or any standard you impose.


Capability – Add Knowledge & Skill with No Cost

CAD outsourcing gives you access to talent that may be too expensive, specialized or simply unavailable in your geography. Leveraging the global talent pool yields access to additional capabilities and allows you to focus on your core business while disparate managed teams get on with the work of service delivery.


Reduced Cost – Fiscal Management in the Networked Economy

Traditionally, cost reduction has been at the forefront of the outsourcing advantage. Providers offer improved process management, reduced overhead, and concentrated resources to deliver CAD services at a lower cost than their in-house counterparts. Labor arbitrage in offshore destinations like the Philippines increases savings dramatically. By moving work offshore, client businesses focus resources on other activities that improve their fiscal performance.

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