CAD/BIM Drawings

CAD/BIM Drawings

Much of our work has been for Architectural and Interior Design projects all over the globe. We have worked with architects, interior designers, builders and developers from Asia, Australia, Canada, the Middle East, Europe and the United States. We provide CAD services for all types of buildings ranging from residential to commercial, as well as industrial.

Over the years we have developed and maintained a highly competent pool of architects, all of whom have graduated from the leading universities and are licensed professionals in the Philippines. They are experts in Computer Aided Drafting, SketchUp/ VRay and Revit. Plus, they are all highly proficient in English, the better to serve our foreign clients.


Our company provides CAD drawings for:

  • Tender/Contract Drawings
  • Construction/Working Drawings
  • Shop/Fit-Out Drawings
  • As-built Drawings from client’s fully dimensioned sketches
  • Marketing Brochures
  • Presentation drawings showing perspectives in 3D

We also provide engineering drawings – Structural, Sanitary/Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical and Fire Protection System. We help engineering firms with their design layout and construction drawings.

We use the following software:

  • Autodesk AEC Collection 2018: AutoCad and Revit
  • SketchUp/VRay
  • Adobe Photoshop

We allow one (1) free redline after submission of the watermarked drawings in PDF file for your checking and approval. The final/revised CAD and PDF files will be given to the client upon payment.

We provide architectural drawings for various construction stages: Tender/Contract Drawings and Construction/Working Drawings. We also do CAD drawings for As-built Plans from client’s fully dimensioned sketches.

We have considerable knowledge of international standards.

Engineering Drawings may be part and parcel of, and may be done in conjunction with architectural drawings. We prepare the necessary layout sheets based on the specifications of the client.

A. Structural Drawings

We provide structural plans for foundation, floor framing and roof. Our drawings reflect the sketch given by the client with regards to the details and schedules of column, beam, slab, wall and truss.

B. Sanitary / Plumbing

Our services include CAD drawings for piping layout, diagrams and isometric drawings for any type of buildings.

C. Mechanical

Our CAD Drawings include ducting for air supply and return, intake and discharge. We also draft the plans for Air Handling Units, condensers, exhaust fans and other types of Air Conditioning Units.

D. Electrical

We cross reference electrical plans to architectural plans. Architects designate the type and number of lighting fixtures, while the electrical engineers compute the necessary electrical load. We produce and provide the lighting and power layout for interior design plans, and provide and produce load schedules and diagrams. 

E. Fire Protection System

CAD Drawings include fire sprinkler, fire extinguisher, fire hydrant and other necessary fire fighting equipment, illustrating the radius covered by such devices in a  given space. Plans showing the travel distance as computed by the architects and engineers from the farthest areas to Fire Lift Lobby and Fire Stair.

A more practical and faster way of producing construction drawings, Revit easily detects potential clashes between architectural and engineering elements. In many advanced countries, government requirements are submitted in Revit form.

3D Presentations beautifully depict design concepts and accurately concretize project proposals. 3D presentation drawings effectively give an overview of design intent, including the choice of materials.

We provide fully rendered floor plans and other drawings necessary for marketing purposes.